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Rufus Porter Catalogue

The stencils you are being offered have been recorded from actual walls. Rufus Porter used stencils to speed up the decorating process. By observing his work, it appears that he carried an assortment of chimneys, roofs, windows, doors and the fronts and sides of different buildings. Some of the buildings may have been clustered on one stencil as the same groupings are seen over and over again with little variation. I believe that some tree trunks were stenciled, parts of the soldiers and parts of some of the boats, but not all of the boats. These I have studied and separated into stencil overlays for your convenience. The videos will show you just how repetitive the scenery is and how easily it can be reproduced. Porter strongly believed that by following a logical sequence of steps, anyone could create a mural. In his day, paints, brushes and stencils all had to be mixed, made and cut... today all that is done for you.

Stenciling will be much more effective on your walls than it appears in our illustrations. See our Gallery for photographs of selected examples sent in by our clients (like you!).

Jo Sonja paints and quality stencil brushes can be purchased through MB Historic Décor, as well as our 5 other catalogues of stencils.

Directions for Painting Walls in Color

Directions for Painting Monochrome Walls

Click on a page below to view, or click here to
download the catalogue as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Gallery of Original Rufus Porter Murals
Boats & Clipper Ships
Soldiers & Animals
Overmantels & Individual Houses from Overmantels
Individual Houses
Lighthouses & Observatories   Symbols & Landscape Motifs
Trees & Orchards

Interpreting our codes

The stencils from this catalogue are numbered with R8## followed by initials and a number. The initials are translated below, and the final number represents the overlays. For example, a stencil ending with "MB 5" is a Motif - Boat containing 5 layers.

Motif - Grass
Overmantle or cluster of buildings
Motif - Island
Motif - Boat
Overmantle Trees
Motif - Animal
Motif - Tree
Motif - House
Motif Orchard