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Of Patterns
& Placement

I have shown 10 authentic walls to enable you to familiarize yourself with the placement of patterns before planning your own room. Moses Eaton's layout was very carefree. He treated each wall as a separate space, not carrying the frieze around, but adding a portion of the design to end it on that wall. The verticals were determined by door and window construction so that the panels were all different widths. The motifs were applied more often by eye than by careful measurement.

The patterns were cut from brown opaque paper stiffened with oil. Today's translucent stencils with register marks for alignment of overlaid colors assure us of ease and success.

Some books for your further study of wall stenciling are: American Wall Stenciling 1790-1840 by Ann Eckert Brown; Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture by Janet Waring; American Decorative Wall Painting 1700-1850 by Nina Fletcher Little. There are a few pages in Techniques in American Folk Decoration by Lipman and Meulendyke. Good tips for wall and floor stenciling are presented in The Art and Craft of Wall Stenciling by Richard M. Bacon. Included with my patterns will be complete directions and, if called for, some specific to your pattern.

Stenciling will be much more effective on your walls than it appears in our illustrations. See our Gallery for photographs of selected examples sent in by our clients (like you!).

Jo Sonja paints and quality stencil brushes can be purchased through MB Historic Décor, as well as our 5 other catalogues of stencils.

Moses Eaton & Moses Eaton, Jr.

Why Choose a Moses Eaton Pattern?

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