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Folk Art Murals of the Rufus Porter School: New England Landscapes 1825-1845Folk Art Murals of the Rufus Porter School: New England Landscapes 1825-1845

Folk Art Murals of the Rufus Porter School: New England Landscapes

by Linda Carter Lefko and Jane E. Radcliffe


This book contains new research on the Rufus Porter Landscape Mural School, with detailed documentation.

Take a tour of the Porter School murals in New England. This book presents and analyzes over 400 images which will inspire historians, researchers and painters alike. A section discusses the challenges and threats to the historic preservation of these murals. The book also includes a "how-to" section that translates Porters' original mural painting instructions into techniques using modern materials and tools.

Published 2011. Hardcover.


American Wall Stenciling

by Ann Eckert Brown


Ann Eckert Brown's extensive research has unearthed stencils not just in New England's characteristic locations – homes, taverns and inns – but also in the south and Midwest. She divides stenciling into rural-based folk art, which uses naturalistic and sometimes primitive motifs, and classically inspired urban-based work, which features more refined and earlier patterns that echo Federal-style images.

More than 250 illustrations complement Brown's text as she makes fresh stylistic connections among designs, artists, regions and houses representing more than two centuries.

Published 2003. Hardcover.



Early American Stencils
on Walls and Furniture
by Janet Waring


In the first quarter of the 19th century, stenciling was an important decorative art in America, most notably in New England. This book, compiled from the author's first-hand research and from her own vast collection of stencil designs taken from scores of rooms and dozens of pieces of furniture, is the most authoritative source for craftsmen, interior decorators, wallpaper and fabric designers, and students of Americana in search of material on the now-vanished art.

Originally published in 1937. Soft cover.




Colonial Reproductions & Designs
Premier Issue


The cover article shows how Polly Forcier has decorated her condominium with historic stencils on floors and walls. Also includes step by step directions and stencils for creating a Rufus Porter mural. Features the work of other acclaimed craftsmen.

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